Hobarth was a cleric of Bhaal living in the Moonshae Isles.


Hobarth was a petty, vicious, mean, and cruel individual. He indulged all sensory pleasures but his favorite hobby was sacrificing people to his god; he liked the screams of his victims. He was terrified of water. Hobarth also hated dogs.[1]


Hobarth had traveled to the Moonshae Isles from Amn.

There, in 1345 DR, after the defeat of Kazgaroth, he allied with the wizard Cyndre to conquer the isles. In their plan, Cyndre was to dispose of Tristan Kendrick while Hobarth was to sacrifice Robyn Kendrick to Bhaal. Hobarth magically sabotaged Tristan's boat, but the young Kendrick saved himself. Afterward, Hobarth led an army of undead to attack Myrloch Vale, where many druids were killed and only Robyn escaped alive.

He remained there while Cyndre led a sahuagin army against the Isles, and so he escaped the defeat of the evil forces. More subtly, Hobarth managed to somehow resurrect the Great Druid Genna Moonsinger as a servant of Bhaal. Hobarth sent Genna to seduce Tristan while Hobarth assisted his god in the creation of Thorax the owlbear, Bhaal's Flock of perytons, and the king of Bhaal's Children, Shantu the displacer beast.

Both plans were partially successful and Hobarth's evil army, reinforced by the surviving sahuagin, battled the army of good in Myrloch Vale. During the fighting, Bhaal himself manifested as the Ravager. However, the heroes managed to banish the Ravager and without him Hobarth lost his powers, and was killed by Grunnarch.[1]



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