Hojo Haru was the mother of shogun Hojo Kawakubo of Kozakura in 1357 DR.<[1]


Haru was the daughter of Takenaka Okawa and was married at age of twelve with Hojo Todahiro. After the end of Hojo War and the exile of Todahiro she acted as guardian for young Kawakubo, manipulating him to advance the goals of Takenaka clan. Haru also became lover of Yamashita Yoichi to advance her father's agenda[1]


Haru was a consumate schemer with a calculative mind and an eye for power. She like the power that now possess as mother of shogun and Haru can do anything to not lost her position. For this sometime she hired individuals to damage Takenaka Sugawara's allies. Also she not want the return of Todahiro from exile[1]



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