Hojo Kawakubo was the shogun of Kozakura in 1357 DR.[1]


Kawakubo, grandson of Hojo Kikutake, ascended to the position of shogun in 1349 DR after the conclusion of the Hojo War, where the Takenaka clan gained supremacy over the Hojo clan. In truth, he was a puppet of his grandfather, the shikken Takenaka Okawa, and his mother.

Secretly, in 1357 DR, he gathered families loyal to his clan and once-loyal families ruined by Takenaka. He and his allies waited for a mistake by Okawa to act.[1]


Recently, Kawakubo finally understood he was in a very dangerous position, and he had a choice only between early retirement or sudden death. Not interested in either choice, the young Hojo started personal plots in secret to gain more power and free himself from Okawa.[1] Despite his age he became cynical, adept to lies and subterfuges. Kawakubo was also overconfident in his fighting skills[2]



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