Lady Holang was a consort in Tabot in 1357 DR.[1]


Holang was kidnapped from T'u lung when she was a child and sold as a wife in Motra. Thanks to her beauty, she was bought by the Baron Mukow Jian of Pim Tung as a house slave but instead became his third wife.

Later, thanks to her southern education, Holang became Mukow's most trusted advisor, and even joining his secret army, the Vian-chi, where she learned to fight as a ninja.

By 1357 DR, Holang ruled Pim Tung with an iron fist, with the Jo'nai Gompa full of her spies and the dzong-pon as her puppet. Her son was chosen as Mukow's heir and Holang was plotting to make her husband emperor of Tabot. She often conferred with Baron Phen Do.[1]



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