The Hollow Crown Mountains were a mountain range that sat south of the Yellow Serpent Border Cliffs, just outside the Shou Lung Empire.[1]

Description Edit

The Hollow Crown Mountains were a mountain range that abutted Kara-Tur and the Hordelands, just outside the borders of the Shou Lung Empire, and marked what was the northernmost border of the ancient kingdom of Guge.[1]

The mountains' most famous features were the Glacier of the Lost King, and the bowl-like valley in the center that the mountains formed, which also gave the range its name. This valley was only accessible via hidden passes.[1]

Inhabitants Edit

Unknown to the rest of the world, survivors of the ancient spirit folk empire of Guge resided in this valley and were waiting for the time in which they could avenge their ancestors and reclaim their old empire. However, they were unlikely to do so as they had developed a fear of leaving the valley after having spent so much time there.[1]



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