Honlinar Tempest was a human fighter and the mayor of Assam in the Shining Plains in the 1360s and 1370s DR.[1][2]


Tempest was a master politician. He was appointed as mayor with the approval of the leaders of the cities of Ormath and Lheshayl, and his position was secure while he enjoyed their approval. Tempest focused on keeping Assam stable and operating smoothly while fixing problems quickly, in order to keep trade and wealth flowing to the south and to avoid conflicts with Ormath and Lheshayl.[1][2]


However, in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, some bandits raided a caravan heading south and stole the money it carried. Tempest was forced to make excuses to the leaders Ormath and Lheshayl while he tried to locate and capture the bandits. As Assam's militia was apparently too busy, he hurriedly sought adventurers who could track down the bandits.[1]

Honlinar quickly mustered such a group, and they recovered much of the caravan's goods for him. However, some of the bandits managed to escape, and Honlinar still sought their capture by 1372 DR.[3]



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