Honor mark was a spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


Wizards used this spell to mark targets whom they witnessed performing dishonorable actions. Most honor marks appeared as sharp black marks across the target's eyes or down the middle of their face. Everyone knew an honor mark when they saw one and treated the target accordingly.[1]

Honor marks could only be removed by atoning for the misdeed that gave them the mark. The wizard who cast the honor mark did not need to do anything for the mark to disappear.[1]

Wizard's who attempted to cast this spell falsely, without having witnessed the target performing a dishonorable action, would be marked instead. The mark would remain on the wizard until they apologized to their intended target and performed an task of atonement stated by the offended party.[1]


This spell did not require any physical components to cast.[1]



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