The Horizon Syndicate was a drow mercantile organization, formed after the Spellplague.


In the century following the Spellplague, a growing faction of drow divorced themselves from the old ways of their people to follow a new path. They believed the only way to weather the troubles affecting the lands would be to approach their dealings with other intelligent races in a way that did not always result in violence. Rather than taking what they wanted, when resources were already scarce, perhaps they could achieve better results by engaging their enemies in trade, exchanging valuable metals, gemstones, and other goods found exclusively in the Underdark for commodities generally absent from the depths of the earth.

In order to facilitate this, they formed a new commercial organization, the Horizon Syndicate. Despite mistrust from others, the organization has spread, enabling trade between surface and Underdark communities.


Members of the Syndicate frequently joined as a way to break away from the politics of their homelands, in some cases using it as a stepping-stone toward gathering sufficient allies to safely make lives for themselves on the surface. It had been expanding further due to permitting non-drow merchants to join, in hopes of reaching markets usually closed to drow.

Due to the innate intrigues of the drow, however, not all members were as committed to the goals of the organization as they might seem.


The Horizon Syndicate operated between the Underdark and the surface. Its operations were particularly strong in the Dragon Reach and in Westgate.


The Chronicle of Years: A Short History of the Realms - After the Spellplague

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