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Horlo Aumrabbar was a member of the adventuring band known as the Company of the Cloak.[1]


He was the soft-spoken deceiver within the band. A worshiper of Mask, he influenced Mhair Gulzrabban to act in a more subtle and patient manner. After setting up several caches of wealth throughout the Western Heartlands, Horlo planned several means of betraying Mhair and his lover Sharaera should they ever act too boldly for his taste. One of his plans involved the Red Wizards of Thay.[1]


Along with all of the other members of the Company of the Cloak, Horlo possessed an immunity to oil of taggit (which caused memory loss).[1]


Horlo wielded a keen longsword and possessed a candle of truth and a chime of opening.[1]



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