House Cormaeril was a noble house of Cormyr. Their estate was situated beyond the Royal Gardens in Suzail, Cormyr.[1] It was an enemy of the Illance house.[2] The Cormaeril's had a long-standing rivalry with House Huntcrown.[3]


After the Fire Knives were driven from Cormyr in 1341 DR, it was revealed that a number of member of the Cormaeril house were in-fact members of the Fire Knives.[4] They were also implicated in the assassination attempt on King Azoun IV in 1369 DR and the crown exiled the family and confiscated their lands. Late in his reign in the 1440's DR King Azoun V restored the Cormaeril's titles but not their lands. As of 1479 DR, the family was attempting to restore their reputation through generosity to the poor and patronage of the arts.[3]



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