House Dhuurniv is the only house to survive the fall of Maerimydra in 1372 DR. This was due in part to the fact that they had holdings outside the city. Following their escape from the city, they fell in with the Zhentarim's conquest of Shadowdale[1].


Prior to the Weeping War, Matron Mother Laele Dhuurniv led the Maerimyran forces who wished to reclaim the Land Under Shadow. She accepted the truce which Aolis Ildacer offered the drow but was killed by Aolis's wife Amara Ildacar.

After the events of the Weeping War, House Dhuurniv was shunned by the other Drow Houses in Maerimydra for negotiating with the surface elves, despite regaining the Twisted Tower in the process. The three Matron Sisters withdrew largely from Maerimydra and took up residence mostly beneath the Twisted Tower.

After the Silence of Lolth the drow of Dhuurniv found themselves left as the most powerful house left of Maerimydra. Despite the deaths of both Kurgoth Hellspawn and Irae T'sarran by a band of adventurers, House Dhuurniv was unsuccessful at reclaiming the Maerimydra and decided to relocate to Azmaer's Folly fully[1].

At some point later House Dhuurniv was contacted by Esvele Greycastle and agreed to an alliance between the Zhentarim, Church of Shar and their House. Together they took over Shadowdale briefly in 1374.


Aunrae Dhuurniv
Eldest of the Matron Sisters
Greyanna Dhuurniv
Middle Sister of the Matron Sisters
Xullrae Dhuurniv
Youngest of the Matron Sisters
Azmaer Dhuurniv
Last Drow Marshal of the Twisted Tower
Laele Dhuurniv
Matron Mother of House Dhuurniv (deceased)
Lirdnolu Dhuurniv
A drow cleric who guards the Skull Subterranes



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