House Horlbar was a drow house of Menzoberranzan.[1]


Before the Time of Troubles, House Horlbar was the twelfth ruling house in Menzoberranzan, and Jerlys and Ker Horlbar were co-matron mothers.[1] House Horlbar's two matrons had been a distinguishing feature for 2000 years and were always either sisters or first cousins. The hatred the two leaders traditionally had for each other was only ever outweighed by their hatred of things not of their house.[3] In 1357 DR[4], Matron Mother Jerlys Horlbar attacked Artemis Entreri in the alleyways of Menzoberranzan while on a secret mission.[5] Unable to flee her wraith, Entreri killed the matron mother.[1]


The main source of income and power for the house was its lucrative agricultural work and its ambitious trading practices. They were not known for house warfare but were said to never forget a slight, sometimes taking generations to instigate their revenge.[3]


Ker Horlbar 
Co-Matron Mother in 1361 DR.[6]
Jerlys Horlbar 
Co-Matron Mother, killed by Artemis Entreri[1]



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