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House Vyshaan were a clan of extremely power hungry sun elves who came to power in ancient Aryvandaar.[1]


After a time they became corrupt and learned malignant forms of magic from devils which gave them supreme arcane might.[citation needed]

In -10900 DR they gained a secret patron in the fallen solar, Malkizid.[1] They conspired with Malkizid to learn powerful rituals of mythal craft which havent been matched since. They were also the first to use mythal craft in war. They built crystal citadels on some of the lower planes to provide a residence when they were visiting. Their clans also created some of the best armor and war weapons including some of the first elven war golems. One of the final acts of House Vyshaan was to make the Waymeet, which was originaly developed as a war machine.[citation needed]


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