The House of Firehair was an enormous fortified cathedral dedicated to Sune that sat atop a pastoral hill in the middle of Daerlun.[1]


Walls surrounded the entire hill that the House of Firehair stood upon, separating it from the rest of Daerlun. The central structure was composed of numerous buildings, each connected with those nearby by soaring stone bridges. The House of Firehair maintained a warm and habitable atmosphere even during the winter months and was decorated with hanging plants. The priests raised and tended to the beautiful birds that would perch on the cathedrals creeping plants. Its graceful arches were famed all across Faerûn as the pinnacle of gentle beauty.[1]


The House of Firehair was older than Daerlun itself, as the city grew up from a small village that was originally founded to serve the temple's inhabitants. By 1374 DR the temple still stood.[1]


By 1358 DR, The House of Firehair was led by High Priestess Thauna Maskalar. Serving the high priestess were a total of 48 clerics, all humans and half-elves, and 336 lay followers. These worshipers of Sune helped to tend the sprawling complex and sacred enclave.[2] Thauna and her followers still resided there even by 1374 DR.[1]



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