The House of Moander was a temple of Moander near the town of Ylraphon and the Flooded Forest in the Vast.[1][2][3]


The House of Moander lay north of Ylraphon, amidst the boggy woodlands beside the Flooded Forest, which encroached on the ruined city's northeast. Like other temples in this area, it was likely built on raised and drier areas of the swamp.[1][2]


In its ruined state, the temple was the lair of a number of greater darktentacles.[2]


The House of Moander was ruined and destroyed by 1367 DR.[1][2]

In the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, the Six Spiked Rings adventurers explored the House of Moander. The darktentacles attacked and killed some of their number, but two escaped with treasures won from the temple: a large bag of gems and a sack of metal magic wands of great age and power.[2]


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