The House of Song was the guildhall of the Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, & Choristers in Waterdeep in the 14th century DR.[2][3][1][4][5][7][6]


It was located in the city's Trades Ward,[2][3] on Rivon Street[2][3][1][4][5][6] or on the corner of Coach Lamp Lane and Carter's Way, close to the South Gate.[7]


It was a large, two-story building.[1]


Inside, in the parlor, the ceiling was supported by a series of slender stone pillars; two adjacent columns were pale blue in color. The woodwork where the wall met the ceiling was inscribed with an old elven song.[7]


In addition to hosting all guild business, the House of Song provided food and beds for its members, including itinerant bards.[8]


The House of Song lay on the former site of Olamn, the old bardic college of Waterdeep centuries before.[9][10]

The House was Song was established some time before 1357 DR,[2] and continued through 1368 DR[3][1][4][5] and past the end of 1372 DR.[6]


A few guildmembers could recall a visitor coming in, practicing an instrument in the parlor, then not being seen again, and presumed them to have simply departed unannounced and unobserved. In fact, if the tune etched into the woodwork of the parlor was played, a gate opened between the pale-blue columns there, large enough to take four people at once. It led to Wyllowwood in Undermountain, depositing them into a river inhabited by sea hags. This gate and its deadly destination were completely unknown to the guildmembers.[7]



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