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For who can war on a full stomach when the body itself suggests peace?
  — St. Liwan, regarding how food and good diet can lead to peace and an end of suffering

The House of St. Liwan's Blessing was a monastery of Ilmater on the western coast of Calimshan.


This monastery was located high on the cliffs along the northern stretch of the Coast Trail from Teshburl to Memnon.


The House was a former caravanserai, like many of the monasteries in Calimshan.


In addition to religious activities, the House of St. Liwan's Blessing served as a culinary arts school—from exotic food to shipboard fare. Its patron saint, St. Liwan, believed that food could end suffering.


In 1370 DR, the head abbot was Revered Father Akkabar el Souvlak.[1]


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