The House of Wonder was a mage academy and former temple of Mystra located in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep.[1]


The temple dedicated to Mystra was located on Flint Street and Pharra's Alley, which was named after the first mistress of the temple, Pharra.[3]


Prior to the Spellplague and Mystra's demise, the House of Wonder was a temple of Mystra. The temple was erected in 1215 DR and continued to function as a house of worship until 1385 DR.[1]

After the Spellplague, the former temple was used to educate young mages. In 1479 DR, Master Rhinzen Halnian nearly destroyed the entire complex when he cast a meteor swarm spell at three apprentices he mistook for devils during a haepthum-induced stupor.[2]

By 1480 DR, the House of Wonder had been rebuilt and a new master installed.[4]





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