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How the Mighty Are Fallen

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BookCover-How the Mighty Are Fallen
How the Mighty Are Fallen
Basic Information
Author(s) slade
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Type Adventure
Binding Paperback
Released December 1996
Pages 66
ISBN 10 0-7869-0537-9
ISBN 13 978-0786905379

Source: product listing
As the floating cities of Netheril hover peacefully in the air, the winds of intrigue boil all around them. The phaerimm continue to plot the downfall of the Netherese even as Karsus prepares for the casting of his greatest spell. Undead walk the land, driving orcs and humans before them. And somewhere below the greatest nation of Faerûn, the Tarrasque awakens from a long slumber. How the Mighty Are Fallen is an adventure designed for use with the Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed campaign setting (which is required to play this adventure).

This source book was available as a free PDF from WotC's website.

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