Hruggek was the chief deity of bugbears, and was the god of violence and combat, as well as an exarch of the greater god Bane. Other gods worshiped by the bugbears included Grankhul, the god of hunting, senses, and surprise; and Skiggaret, the god of fear.

Prior to relocating to Banehold, Hruggek lived in a large cave in Pandemonium called Hruggekolohk. His home was adorned with the severed heads of his defeated opponents.[1]


Hruggek appeared as a massive, powerful bugbear, 12 feet (3.7m) tall. He had great fangs and clawed hands and feet, and wielded a 10-foot long morningstar.[1]


Clergy and templesEdit

Hruggek's priests dressed in black and wore skulls on their heads. He was worshiped on the full moon in bugbear cave halls. Bugbears sacrificed the blood of their enemies to Hruggek every month.[1]

Shamans of Hruggek could achieve the ability to cast up to 5th level divine spells.[1]


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Creative originsEdit

Hruggek was created by James M. Ward for the Deities and Demigods Cyclopedia (1980).


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