Hsuan Yu Po was a noble of Shou Lung.[1]


Hsuan was a noble and a general in the province of Chukei. There, he raised alone his daughter Hsuan Yu Wu, who inherited most of his qualities.

Around 1348 DR, Wu fell in love with Batu Min Ho, a soldier of Tuigan ancestry in Hsuan's private army. Hsuan opposed the marriage, hoping for a more suitable man for the daughter of a noble. Hsuan said that he would agree only when Batu became a general in Shou Lung.[1] This was supposed to be a joke but Batu joined the Shou army and rose through the ranks, becoming one of the youngest generals of Shou Lung. Impressed, Hsuan agreed to the marriage and developed a true respect for the military abilities of his son-in-law.[1]

In 1359 DR, when Emperor Kai Tsao Shou Chin and the Minister of State Ju-Hai Chou asked Hsuang's opinion if Batu would be the right man to defeat the Tuigan Horde invasion, he guaranteed he was.[1]

When Batu was put in charge of the campaign against the Tuigan, Hsuang was chosen to lead the personal armies of the nobles, the Twenty-Five Armies.[1]

Batu and Hsuang devised a secret plan to defeat the Tuigan near the city of Shu Kuan. However, during the fighting, the rebellious tendencies of General Kei Bot Li and two other generals permitted the Tuigan to totally destroy the Twenty-Five Armies. Hsuang was killed and his head put at the entrance of the tent of Yamun Khahan, which Batu later saw when he went to discuss with the Tuigan spokesman Koja.[1]




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