Humility is an adventure module from the RPGA Legacy of the Green Regent campaign.


Bodies are being found in the city of Loudwater with their brains extracted. Considering the trouble with Mind flayers that has been experienced lately, it is fairly clear what is responsible. High lord Kalahar Twohands also has a spy in the Zhentarim who has suddenly stopped feeding him information. Considering the recent defeat of the mind flayers' ally, The Hark, lord Twohands has become worried that the illithid have joined with the Zhentarim and that the silence of his spy is linked to all this. Coupled with this, Mielikki has sent lord Twohands a vision in which Stedd Rein is murdered. The party are quickly given orders to bring Stedd Rein to safety and then to violate Loudwater's treaty with the Zhentarim by searching out Kalahar's spy.

Dark times had come to Loudwater. Three times in the past month, someone had been murdered in the night. As one victim after another was found with their heads emptied of brain matter, terror gripped the populace. What was the pattern? Who would be next?
  — Teseryne Truesilver


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