The Hungry Man, also known as the Hungry Man Inn,[3][note 1] was a restaurant located in the city of Arabel.[2]


The proprietor was the elderly woman Zehla.[3]

Food and drinkEdit

The establishment sold watered down ale and wine known as bullock juice.[2] A traveler could dine on such meats as spitted fowl, roast beef and mutton. The Hungry Man also provided various cheeses, like Arabellan cheddar and goats' milk cheese. Customers could dip their snowbread either in the restaurant's famous broth or spread brackleberry jam on it. A few other food delights were oatcakes, pan-fried turnips, and spiced flour dumplings.[4]


  • All you can eat for 2 sp[2]
  • Tankard of ale or wine for 1 cp[2]



  1. In the Shadowdale novel (1989), the inn is called the Hungry Man Inn, but in the 1995 sourcebooks Volo's Guide to Cormyr and Cormyr the restaurant is called the Hungry Man.





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