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Huntcrown was a noble house of Cormyr whose seat was in Suzail.[1]

The Huntcrowns were enobled during reign of King Duar in 429 DR.[citation needed]

During the Abraxus affair, the family was apparently among those that favored a ruling council for Cormyr rather than any regency or rule by a female.[2]

The family had diverse holdings all over Cormyr and thus often was the best informed of the nation's goings-on. The family was known for spreading gossip and rumors and were at the center of the greatest number of scandals of any noble family.[1]

The family's greatest adversary was once the Cormaeril family, whose members jealously guarded their privacy. However, after the Cormaerils were exiled after the Abraxus affair, the Huntcrowns developed a rivalry with House Emmarask, House Illance and House Marliir.[1]




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