Hurm Thiodor was a male human fighter in the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr. He was the local clerk and official of the crown and the unofficial Herald in the late 1360s DR.[1][3][2]


His primary duty was to handle record keeping and collect reports from adventures on the state of the nearby Hullack Forest and the monster-clearing efforts there. He was a skilled record-keeper. However, he was unable to have an accurate or up-to-date understanding of events in the forest.[1][2] Oversword Faril Laheralson of the rowdy Purple Dragons contingent largely ignored him.[3] Local folk thought the crown representative was a poor joke, and that Thiodor was weak.[4]

A part-time adventurer himself, he sometimes joined bands of adventurers on their missions into the Hullack Forest and Vast Swamp to add a little flavor to his otherwise boring life.[1][2]


Hurm worked and lived out of the Office of the Crown in Thunderstone. He kept it clean, in good repair, and comfortable.[2]


Hurm was slender of build and in his early 30s.[2]



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