Ahhhh. Come innnnn. I have tea waiting on the table. You musssst be dyyyying of thirsssst.
  — Huum[1]

Huum was a male mind flayer who resided in Sporedome.[1]


Purple-skinned and hairless, Huum's tentacles writhed around his mouth.[1]


Huum kept to himself mostly, living something of a hermit existence in Sporedome and only communicating with nearby myconids.[1]


Skilled in the psionic arts like most mind flayers, Huum was able to communicate telepathically with ease and even read minds. Despite this, his ability to read minds was not strong enough to pry into the thoughts of Solom Ned'razak, a powerful drow archmage.[2]


Huum considered a certain brooch, in the possession of Solom Ned'razak, to be his.[1]

In his abode, Huum had control over a one-way teleportation circle to Szith Morcane.[1]


He was on friendly terms with the myconids of Sporedome but held a dislike for the leader of Szith Morcane, Solom Ned'razak.[1]


During the Rage of Demons of 1491 DR Huum resided in Sporedome alongside a community of myconids. He sought to acquire a brooch from Solom Ned'razak, which Huum believed protected the drow archmage from his psionic power. In actuality, the brooch was nonmagical, and Solom's willpower was simply stronger than Huum's abilities, and the former had managed to convince the illithid that the brooch protected him.[1][2]

Huum acted as proxy of it elder brain to join the assault to Maerimydra.[3]




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