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Hyraken was a noble house of Cormyr around 1370 DR. It was based in the town of Hilp.[1] [note 1]


  • Lord Hyraken, head of the house and leader of the Freedom Warriors trying to overthrow the Crown and a bloodthirsty megalomaniac.[1]



  1. It is not altogether clear that "Hyraken" is actually a noble family of Cormyr. It is referred to only in the name of "Lord Hyraken" and in a single reference to "the Hyraken" in Into the Dragon's Lair, page 20, upon which the supposition this is a noble house is based. Furthermore, Lord Hyraken is stated to hail from Hilp, but Doon Dzavar was previously established to be its local lord in other sources. It may be that the Hyrakens replaced the Dzavars, or are a much more minor family of Hilp, or that "Hyraken" is in fact a given name for a member of the Dzavars.


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