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Ibrandul (Ih-BRAN-duhl) was a chaotic neutral lesser deity of the Underdark, worshiped in Calimshan and other parts of the Shining South.[1]


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Ibrandul was worshipped as a deity with power over the underground, darkness and stealth in the Shining South and by the Calishites. His worship was popular with adventurers.[2]


Ibrandul was allied with Mask and Ilmater. He was an enemy of both Lolth and Shar, as both desired his Cavern (Underdark) portfolio, as well he was an enemy of Lathander as their portfolios were directly opposed.


He was killed by Shar in the Underdark beneath Waterdeep during the Time of Troubles, but the goddess of secrets masqueraded as the dead deity for a while, unbeknownst to his followers.[2]


There is perfect freedom in perfect darkness: independence, individuality, liberty from the judgment of others. Ibrandul protects you and guides you in the dark ways. He drives away those who would do his children harm and from time to time reveals great treasures to those who venture into the depths. Remain steadfast to him, and he will stand by you.[1]


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