An ice genasi , or ice para-genasi, was a sub-race of the genasi. It was a para-genasi, meaning that it was descended from two different elemental outsiders, namely an outsider of elemental air and an outsider of elemental water, forming para-elemental ice.[1]


They were emotionless and cold to others. They were typically neutral in outlook, observant but uncaring. They preferred to be clad in white or pale blue clothing that was light and loose.[1]


These genasi appeared human, but commonly had sharper facial features and a more chiseled look than the average human. They were quite hearty but a bit sluggish. They had pale skin and supernatural traits that hinted to their heritage, such as breath that fogged in any weather or frost appearing in their hair.[1]


They had an innate ability to resist the harmful effects of cold that grew with experience. They also had the ability to cast the spell chill metal once a moon rise.[1]



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