The Icedawn Syllabus is a book penned by Demetrios Whitefire of Sossal, a High Chillbringer of Auril, in the Year of the Elves' Weeping (1462 DR). It deals with aspects of Aurilian faith.[1]

Excerpt Edit

Self reliance is your only ally. Society, community, family—these fallacies stif le the pursuit of one’s own happiness. Warmth and companionship are weaknesses of the flesh, leading to sloth and gluttony. Harden your body yet remain swift on your feet. Embrace your cold-hearted nature and demand respect of your inferiors. These are the tenets of the Storm-bringer, carried aloft by chill winds. Heed these principles and you could come to know the Frostmaiden's caress.[1]

References Edit

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