Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter was the expansion pack for the year 2000 game Icewind Dale.


The expansion to Icewind Dale involves stopping the white dragon Icasaracht from causing the possessed barbarian chieftain, Wylfdene to attack the Ten Towns. The party has only one real ally, the shaman Hjollder who is quickly banished by the possessed Wylfdene to an island in the middle of Maer Dualdon reserved for the dead. Once the party rescues him from the undead there and finds the despoiled tomb of an apparently dead Wylfdene, they have to track down The Seer who has been hiding in Gloomfrost, inside the peak of Kelvin's Cairn for 10 years, having forseen her death at the party's coming. She tells you of Icasaracht and gives you a magical mirror which will drive the dragon's spirit out of the corpse of Wylfdene. They do so and the seer is killed after she teleports herself to Wylfdene's tent to taunt the dragon's spirit. Wylfdene's Wyrm tribe also attacks at the apparent murder of their leader but when it's all over, Icasaracht's spirit is tracked to the Sea of Moving Ice where she is protected by undead, trolls, sahuagin and other creatures, constructs and elementals. Once Icasaracht is dead, and the crystal containing her soul is destroyed, the party is teleported to safety.


white dragons
Lakes: Maer Dualdon
Seas: Sea of Moving Ice


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