Icewind Dale: Trials of the Luremaster was a downloadable expansion pack for Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter set in the Anauroch desert, rather than the standard locale of the games namesake, Icewind Dale.


Heart of Winter was deemed too short (especially in comparison to other Black Isle expansions like Throne of Bhaal) so a free downloadable addition was made called Trials of the Luremaster. This made available an entirely new adventure set in Anauroch (and according to in-game canon this was where the party who saved Easthaven left for after they'd completed their quest). A mysterious halfling, Hobart Stubbletoes, promises treasure and teleports the party to Anauroch, where there is a castle, Castle Maluradek. Inside, an undead bard with a knack for rhyming verse challenges the party to prove themselves heroes by granting the castle's undead inhabitants eternal rest at last.



Adran RuneshadowCriekErrisFallon MaluradekGeddianGilesHaraldHobart StubbletoesLuremasterMagRikashaShelhaiZierkki
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AehirglassAmmal-MatisAmir TalmedCalimChautogDabathDrosusKraagMemnonMerdrosMordiganPrashnakShandellonTeraven DocenWychgar


batbeetle (bombardier, rhinoceros) • beholdercrypt thingdire beardjinnielemental (earth, fire, water) • ghostgolem (ice, iron) • halflingharpyinvisible stalkerjackalminotaurmummymustard jellymyconidneo-orogochre jellyolive slimerakshasarevenantshambling moundskeleton (blast, boneguard) • slime zombiespider (phase, sword, wraith) • stone nuisancetrollumber hulkwater elemental kinwyvern
Referenced only
baatezublue dragonduergarefreetigithyankilava mephitorcsalamandertanar'ritrollwight


Buildings & Sites
Castle Maluradek
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Astral PlaneBryn ShanderCalimshanCity of BrassCormanthorDead Man's TreeElemental Plane of AirMoonshae IslesSea of Moving IceSpine of the WorldStorm-BarrowsTamjuhkUnicorn RunWaterdeep


Magic items
Axe of the Minotaur LordBackbiterbag of holdingBracers of Icelandic PearlChautog's ThinkerCloak of Scintillating ColorsDead God's DreamingDruid's RingHell's BaneMissile AttractorShortbow of EbullienceSkullflailStaff of the Hanged Man's GleeWind of Heaven
Referenced only
acid stormwand of fireball


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Hallowed Pass
diamondemeraldfire agatemoonbarmoonstonepearlskydropstar sapphiresunstonewaterstar
Metals & Allows
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