Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a free-to-play idle game developed by Codename Entertainment. It was released for early access on September 7, 2017.


The core gameplay of Idle Champions revolves around the player selecting "champions" (such as Bruenor, Minsc, and Celeste, among others) to fight waves of increasingly difficult monsters, thereby accumulating gold. This gold is used to upgrade the player's champions, or unlock new ones. The individual champions have both strengths and weaknesses, often improving other champions that meet various criteria. The player needs to figure out a "formation" to place these champions in to ensure progress can be made against higher-level waves of monsters. As players complete objectives, or reset their current adventure, they accumulate "Favor" with a specific deity, which increases the amount of gold they find in subsequent sessions. Furthermore, players can collect items that permanently boost their champions further, either as random drops, or through purchasing "chests" filled with random items.

The game is segmented into several "campaigns", each with its own unique Favor, ensuring progress does not carry over between campaigns. Each campaign has a unique formation pattern, forcing players to rethink how to arrange their champions. Some of the campaigns are permanent, while others are event-based and only available for a short time. These event campaigns often reward unique champions that are only available to unlock during their respective events. All the campaigns are further divided into "adventures", which are narrative frames for the core gameplay, for example recounting how the player's champions help a farmer rescue a farmer's daughter who has been kidnapped by werewolves. Most adventures also have additional challenge modes, unlocked after meeting various criteria. These challenge modes present the player with new obstacles to overcome, for example through limiting the champions available to choose from.



Playable characters
AsharraArkhanBarrowin Undurr • Binwin Bronzebottom • BirdsongBruenor Battlehammer • Calliope • Catti-brieCelesteDeekin ScalesingerDelinaDhadiusDrizzt Do'Urden (and Guenhwyvar) • Evelyn Marthain (and Juniper) • Gromma NanderHitchJamilahJarlaxle BaenreKrondMakosMinsc (and Boo) • Nayeli GoldflowerNrakkRegisStoki • Strix • Tyril • Zorbu Natten
AcererakAmber StrakelnAzaka StormfangBag of NailsBaggy NanaBailiearyl TavebentBarok ClanghammerBeirnBoderik HearthtenderBrave Baker of TriboarChadwickChotynCutpurse PrinceDaring Dwarf of DessarinEllisFenthazaHeileyHero of the ValeHeroine of LongsaddleHoistsailHurfIshmakahlIvor BakovskiJarlKara BakovskiKaylaar AllunKendaKing of FeathersLaeral SilverhandLideonLyariManfred WagonweaverMenace of Morgur's MoundNanny Pu'puNihiloorNeedleOrvex OcrammasPavel NonovPeggy DeadbellsRandal AmberwoodRas NsiSekelokSibonseniThaddeusTymofarrarUkurlahmuVajra SafahrVanessaVornWaldoWidow GroatWithersWrerdorXopalYorbZarielZirajZitembeZook Timbers
Referenced only
ArikasArvaissGalor RockshieldHalaster BlackcloakIngeloakastimizilianMaldwyn DaggerfordMwaxanaréNaStrahd von ZarovichValindra ShadowmantleWulfgarZaerith Menyar-Ag-GithZaknafein Do'Urden


aarakocraaldanialmirajassassin vineatropalaxe beakbansheebasiliskbatbear (grizzly) • boarbone nagabullywugchitinechwingacowcrawling clawcrocodiledecatondeinonychusdevil (barbed, bearded) • devourerdimetrodondog (blink, death) • doppelgangerdragon (bronze) • dragonborndretchdryadduodronedwarf (gold, shield, tomb) • eladrinelemental (air, fire) • elder brainelf (drow, moon) • firbolgfireflyfishflying monkeyflying snakefroghemothgaleb duhrgargoylegazergelatinous cubeghastghoul (shadow) • giant (frost, hill) • giant beegiant caterpillargiant centipedegiant crabgiant flygiant froggiant ratgibbering mouthergirallongithyankigithzeraignollgnome (rock) • goatgoblin (batiri) • golem (flesh, stone) • grunghag (green, night) • half-elfhalf-orchalflingharpyhobgoblinhorsehumanhydraice trollimpintellect devourerjaculikamadanknucklehead troutkoboldkrakenlich (arch) • lizardfolkmephit (ice, mud, steam) • mimicmind flayermindwitnessminotaurmonodronemousenothicogreorcowlbearpantherpegasuspentadronepixiepseudodragonpterafolkquadronequaggothquasitquetzalcoatlusrabbitrevenantsatyrsea spawnseagullshadowshambling moundshield guardianskeletonspecterspider (giant, giant wolf, tarantula) • spritestegosaurusstone juggernautsu-monstersuccubustabaxitieflingtigertomb guardiantortletreanttri-flower frondtriceratopstridronetyrannosaurusultrolothvampire (spawn) • vegepygmyvelociraptorvrockvulturewerebearwereboarwereratweretigerwerewolfwightwill-o'-wispwolf (dire, winter) • wood woadworgwraithyellow musk creeperyetiyuan-ti (abomination, broodguard), malison, pureblood) • zombiezorbo
Referenced only
alligatoraspdecapusearth elementallobstermoleporcupinequipperraptorred dragonunicornwhite dragon


Buildings & Sites
Blackstaff TowerFane of the Night SerpentField of TriumphGrand ColiseumGrand SoukHall of GoldHouse of the CrocodileQueenspireTemple of Savras (Port Nyanzaru)Tomb of the Nine GodsWayside Inn
City of the DeadDock WardField WardSea WardSouth Ward
Blackford roadHigh RoadTriboar Trail
Camp RighteousCamp VengeanceDaggerfordHornfirthKir SabalLongsaddleMbalaOmuPort CastigliarPort NyanzaruSkeefanTriboarWaterdeepYellyark
River Soshenstar
Aldani BasinGrandfather TreeHeart of UbtaoHigh ForestMere of Dead MenNeedle's BonesNeverwinter WoodSword MountainsTrollbark Forest
ChultSword Coast
Referenced only
AbyssAhoyhoyAldani BasinAmnAmphailAvernusBaldur's GateBaroviaBay of ChultBeorunna's WellCalimportCandlekeepChessentaCitadel FelbarrCopper CupDessarin RiverDessarin ValleyDurparEvermoorsFireshearFort BeluarianGauntlgrymGrandfather TreeGreat Worm CavernGundarlunGundbargHelm's HoldHigh ForestHigh RoadIcewind DaleIronmasterKarseKelvin's CairnKingdom of Many-ArrowsLaughingflowLimboLong RoadLongsaddleLurkwoodLuskanMechanusMenzoberranzanMezroMirabarMistcliff MountainsMithral HallMorgur's MoundMount HotenowNeverwinterNine HellsNorth WardOmuOne StoneOrolungaPeaks of FlameRaven RockReghed GlacierRiver RauvinRiver SurbrinSea of Moving IceSecomberSembiaSettlestoneShining SeaShipwright's HouseSigilSilverymoonSnapping Turtle BaySnout of OmgarSouthwoodSpine of the WorldStar MountsStrakeln & Timbers General Goods and Curious OdditiesSundabarTen-TownsThornholdUmberlee's CacheUnderdarkUndermountainUnicorn RunWild CoastYartarZakhara


Magic items
alchemy jugbag of tricksboots of elvenkindboots of spider climbingDragonstaff of Ahghaironfigurine of wondrous powersilver swordIcingdeathimmovable rodioun stone (of awarenessof wisdom) • periapt of wound closurepiwafwiring of devouringring of fire elemental commandring of mind shieldingring of protectionring of regenerationTaulmarilTwinklewinged boots
banishing smitechromatic orbcircle of deathcure woundseldritch blastfireballflame strikeguiding bolthealing wordmage handmagic missileperiapt of wound closureplane shiftremove curseshield of faithsimulacrumtime gate
death curse


Arcane BrotherhoodBregan D'aertheClan BattlehammerClan UndurrCompanions of the HallCult of the DragonHarpellHarpersHouse ZolondOrder of the GauntletRed FellowshipRed Wizards of ThayTarlainTree Ghost TribeUthgardtWaterdeep GuardXanathar's Thieves' GuildZhentarim
Referenced only
Dripping FangEven HandWeeping Friars


Campaign Deities
Event Deities
Other Deities
BeshabaCyricDendarGorm GulthynMaglubiyetMoradinNine Trickster Gods of Omu (I'jinKubazanMoaNangnangObo'lakaPapazotlShagambiUnkhWongo) • Red KnightSavrasSelûneTalonaTiamatTyrUbtao
Referenced only


astral briggalleon
Named vessels
NarwhalSecond SunSnapping MaidenUmberlee's Promise


breastplatechain mailleather armorplate mailscale mailstudded leather
CyrinishadVolo's Guide to Lycanthropy
DragondownFair Seas FestivalFeast of the MoonFestival of FoolsFleetswakeFounders' DayGrand RevelGreat Modron MarchGreengrassHighharvestideLiars' NightMidwinterRunning of the SaursSimrilThe RunningWintershield
cheesefiremintkabobpepperonipumpkinsalmonsinda berrywukka nut
bloodstonefire opalpearlrubysapphiresunstone
calcitecoppergoldironleathermicamithralobsidianonyxpearlserpentine stonesilksilversteeltinvelvetwool
palmryath rootwildroot
alchemist's fireunholy waterwater
axebattleaxebowcrossbowdaggergreatswordmacenaginatarapierscimitarshort swordslingspearstaffwarhammer
dragon (coin)lycanthropytaol
Referenced only
cidermayonnaiseThe Retreattea



  1. The character profile of Drizzt Do'Urden states his age to be 196 years old. Seeing as how he was born in 1297 DR (The Grand History of the Realms, p. 132), Idle Champions must be set in 1493 DR. That being said, the developers have stated they intentionally keep the game's timeline vague, to allow them to pick and choose the characters (or character versions) they want.

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