Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a free-to-play idle game developed by Codename Entertainment. It was released for early access on September 7, 2017.


The core gameplay in Idle Champions revolves around the player selection "champions" (such as Bruenor, Minsc, and Celeste, among others) to fight waves of increasingly difficult monsters and accumulate gold. This gold is then used to upgrade the player's champions, or unlock new ones. The individual champions have both strengths and weaknesses, often improving other champions that meet various criteria. The player needs to figure out a "formation" to place these champions in to ensure progress can be made against higher-level waves of monsters. As players complete objectives, or reset their current adventure, they accumulate "Favor" with a specific deity, which boosts the amount of gold they find in subsequent playthroughs. Furthermore, players can collect items that permanently boost their champions further, either as random drops, or through purchasing "chests" filled with random items.

The game is segmented into several "campaigns", each with its own unique Favor, ensuring progress does not carry over between campaigns. Each campaign has a unique formation pattern, forcing players to rethink how to arrange their champions. Some of the campaigns are permanent, while others are event-based and only available for a short time. These event campaigns often reward unique champions that are only available to unlock during their respective events. All the campaigns are further divided into "adventures", which are narrative frames for the core gameplay, for example recounting how the player's roster of champions help a farmer rescue a farmer's daughter who has been kidnapped by werewolves. Most adventures also have additional challenge modes, unlocked after meeting various criteria. These challenge modes present the player with new obstacles to overcome, for example through limiting the champions available to choose from.



Playable characters
AsharraBarrowin UndurrBruenor BattlehammerCelesteDelinaDhadiusDrizzt Do'Urden (and Guenhwyvar) • Gromma NanderJarlaxle BaenreKrondMakosMinsc (and Boo) • Nayeli GoldflowerRegisStoki
Cameo characters
Arkhan • Calliope • Hitch • Jamilah • Tyril
Barok ClanghammerBoderik HearthtenderBrave Baker of TriboarChadwickCutpurse PrinceDaring Dwarf of DessarinHero of the ValeHeroine of LongsaddleHurfIvor BakovskiJarlKara BakovskiKendaManfred WagonweaverMenace of Morgur's MoundPavel NonovRandal AmberwoodSibonensiWaldoZitembe
Referenced only
ArikasCatti-brieIngeloakastimizilianMaldwyn DaggerfordRas NsiValindra ShadowmantleWulfgar


aarakocrabarbed devilbatbearboarcowcrawling clawcrocodiledeath dogdimetrodondire wolfdogdoppelgangerdragonborndretchdrowdryaddwarfelffirbolgfire elementalflying monkeyflying snakegaleb duhrgargoylegelatinous cubeghastghoulgiant beegiant caterpillargiant centipedegiant crabgiant flygiant froggiant ratgiant spidergibbering mouthergirallongnollgnomegoatgoblingrizzly bearhaghalf-elfhalf-orchalflingharpyhill gianthobgoblinhorsehumanice mephitice trollimpkoboldlichmephitmimicminotaurmoon elfmud mephitnothicogreorcowlbearpixiequasitrabbitrock gnomesatyrshadowshambling moundshield dwarfskeletonspecterspritestegosaurusstone golemsu-monstersuccubustabaxitieflingtomb guardiantortletreanttriceratopstyrannosaurusvampirevampire spawnvelociraptorvulturewerebearwereboarwereratweretigerwerewolfwightwill-o'-wispwinter wolfwolfwood woadworgwraithyetiyuan-ti abominationyuan-ti purebloodzombie


Buildings & Sites
Grand ColiseumGrand SoukHall of GoldTemple of Savras (Port Nyanzaru)Wayside Inn
City of the DeadDock WardField WardSea WardSouth Ward
Blackford roadHigh RoadTriboar Trail
DaggerfordPort NyanzaruWaterdeep
Neverwinter WoodMere of Dead MenSword MountainsTrollbark Forest
ChultSword Coast
Referenced only
AmnBaldur's GateCandlekeepChessentaDessarin ValleyHigh RoadIcewind DaleIronmasterKir SabalLongsaddleLuskanMenzoberranzanMirabarMorgur's MoundSembiaSpine of the WorldTriboar


Magic items
bag of tricksDragonstaff of Ahghaironfigurine of wondrous powerIcingdeathpiwafwiring of fire elemental commandring of mind shieldingring of protectionring of regeneration
banishing smitechromatic orbcircle of deathcure woundseldritch blastflame strikeguiding bolthealing wordmagic missileplane shiftremove curseshield of faith
death curse


Arcane BrotherhoodBregan D'aertheClan BattlehammerClan UndurrCompanions of the HallCult of the DragonHarpellOrder of the GauntletRed Wizards of ThayZhentarim
Referenced only
Even Hand


Campaign Deities
Event Deities
Other Deities
BeshabaCyricGorm GulthynMaglubiyetMoradinSavrasSelûneTalonaTiamatTyrUbtaoWaukeen


CyrinishadVolo's Guide to Lycanthropy
Feast of the MoonHighharvestideLiars' NightMidwinterRunning of the SaursSimrilWintershield
kabobpumpkinsalmonsinda berrywukka nut
goldironleathermicamithralpearlserpentine stonesilversteeltin
Second SunSnapping Maiden
Referenced only


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