Igi Tajima was the deputy governor of Miyama Province in Kozakura in 1357 DR.


Tajima hailed from Igi clan, originally a samurai clan that thanks to good marriage became a branch of the Tsu family. Normally Tajima had to handle the actual civil governing of the province while Tsu Gonsuke was busy with plots in the capital. However, most of his functions were usurped by the shugo-daimyo Niwa Hirotada and Tajima acted as a counselor for Hirotada. For his work, the Niwa head paid him a portion of the taxes from the province. Secretly, Tajima was gathering as many supporters and lands as he could.[1]


Tajima knew well that his power was in constant decline and he had no possibility of opposing Hirotada. His plot was to gather many supporters and lands to one day declare himself an independent daimyo. This ambition had deeply corrupted Tajima. Outwardly, he was very pleasant and trustworthy. Inwardly, he would do anything to reach his goals.[1]



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