Ignace Dethingeller was a Loremaster that is known through his communications to Tethtoril, the First Reader of Candlekeep. In one letter he had journeyed north of Fort Flame to an unnamed island where a the wreckage of a flying ship was discovered.[1]

Due to a journal that Dethingeller was able to recover he learned that the ship had been captained by Eartharran Neirdre from Evermeet and that it had crashed after battle with a wing of wyrms. The journal contained sketches Eartharran Neirdre had made of statues from a floating city that had been abandoned. These statues depicted a race that had both draconic and avian features which Neirdre speculated either belonged to a draconic race that had evolved these features or possibly a race that was a common ancestor to both the dragons and aearee. The city was said to have been protected by a wing of wyrms.[1]


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