Ihundyl was a powerful male wizard who named himself ruler of the Calishar Emirates and was considered one of the most powerful wizards of his age.


In 223 DR, Ihundyl, the Mad Mage, was exiled from the Calishite city of Volothamp for his monstrous experiments and his inability to control creatures he summoned from the Abyss.

In 231 DR, the Mad Mage Ihundyl conquered the halflings of Meiritin and named himself ruler of the Calishar Emirates. The Shoon Empire was unable to send an immediate military response. In the same year, Ihundyl met Elminster Aumar, at the beginning of the young wizard's career, and manipulated him in to obtaining for him the magic book of the dead Netherese archmage Ondil. However, thanks to the intervention of Mystra herself, Elminster survived Ihundyl's trap but the Mad Mage mocked him.

Years later, Elminster, now a powerful wizard, decided to begin his campaign against evil wizards starting with Ihundyl. After a terrible battle, Elminster won but only with the help of Mystra in disguise.[1]


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