Ikemmu was a city located in the Underdark deep under Aglarond. It was unique in that it existed in both the Underdark and the Shadowfell at the same time. There was a portal known as the veil between the Shadowfell and the Prime Material Plane. The majority of inhabitants in the Underdark section of the city were humans and dwarves while only Shadar-kai or permanent residents were allowed in the Shadowfell section of the city.[2] Because the city was originally built by cloakers it was built vertically rather than horizontally. Since Shadar-kai can teleport through shadows, the vertical layout of the city was not an inconvenience.[3] Ikemmu was first settled by Shadar-kai three generations ago after an unknown catastrophe befell its previous inhabitants.[2]

The city's current ruler was Uwan.[2] Ikemmu was well-situated to exploit trade between the Underdark and the Shadowfell. There were many shrines to Tempus and a few to Shar throughout the city and Ghaunadaur was worshipped in secret by some residents. The city's military consisted solely of Shadar-kai and was led by Uwan.[3]

Notable locationsEdit

There were four huge towers in Ikemmu: Pyton, Makthar, Athanon, and Hevalor. Tower Makthar was the tower of justice and it was from the top of this tower that Uwan pronounced judgements. Tower Athanon housed the city's military barracks and Tower Pyton was the heart of the trading district.[2]


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