Ilcanorr of Luthcheq was a male Turami human and a powerful wizard of Luthcheq who came to reside in the Border Kingdoms realm of Bedorn.


He was raven-haired with a handsome appearance and a chin-spike beard.


Ilcanorr was jaded in his ways.

He was known to have a large collection of perfumed and dyed cats.


Ilcanorr began his career in Luthcheq, and focused on his research and perfecting items known as sevencirclingwands, but attacks by rivals and fearful neighbors drove him to move to Bedorn to live a more peaceful life and concentrate on his work.

The last pirate landing in the town of Oparl before the mid-1370s DR was successfully and violently repulsed by Ilcanorr. He sent a flight of gargoyles out to turn them away.[1]



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