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Ildilyntra Starym was the former matriarch of the Starym clan of elves, an old noble house of Cormanthyr. She was a chief opponent of the Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl's plan to open Cormanthor to non-elves, and took her own life to form a blood dragon in an attempt to slay the elven ruler.


Ildilyntra was known for her dark eyes that glinted gold when she was full of emotion, and her dark blue-black hair, which she wore unbound and so long it nearly touched the ground. She had perfect blue-white skin that shone brilliantly.[1]


Ildilyntra once had a relationship with the Coronal Eltargrim, though the exact nature of it is not certain, it was likely amorous.


Ildilyntra, angered by the Coronal's refusal to halt his plans for the Opening (in which all races could come to Cormanthor and enjoy its beauty), took her own life with her honour blade, stabbing herself once in the breast, the neck, and the eye, to form a blood-dragon that would attempt to slay Eltargrim. The Coronal defeated the dragon with magic and her attempt was in vain. [2][3] Despite this attack, the Coronal had her buried with full honours and returned her family's relics without question.[3]


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