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Ileuthra was a brass dragon who heeded the call to Protanther's council to discuss the menace of the Cult of the Dragon and Tiamat during the time of the Tyranny of Dragons.[2]


Ileuthra was a very ancient dragon, always in search for knowledge and more challenging games. He long wandered the planes in his research, and legends said that Ileuthra lived for a time with Oghma, the god of knowledge.[3] For his experience, he was chosen to represent his kind in Protanther's council. A band of adventurers sent by the Council of Waterdeep convinced him to ally with the humanoid races to stop the Cult's plot.[2]


Ileuthra saw good and evil in equal measure among the lesser races. He believed that it was individuals that made the difference between victory and defeat, and a trustworthy individual could be followed, even by dragons.[2]



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