Iliphanar was a trade city in Semphar.[2]


Located at the mouth of the Golden Flow river, this small town drew many who sought their fortune within the Raurin Alta.[1][3]


Iliphanar had sheer smooth walls built on a thick earthen ring with a cluster of inns and way-stables surrounding them. Piercing the walls were three gates—Olephzgar (southeast), Parlymzgar (east), and Torrzgar (northwest)—that served as both armories and barracks for the Ahrakshar (the lancers of Iliphanar) with prison cells below the gate houses.[2]

The city had narrow winding streets with four-story rathra ("whitestone") buildings connected by "flying bridges" above ground and a daerath ("one-below") below ground that served the same purpose.[2]

The walls of Iliphanar were built atop a vast series of water reservoirs which are continuously fed by local springs.[2]


Iliphanar lacked the great market of other trade cities; instead, most business was done in "surroukh" (restaurants) or "duthsurouk" (private restaurants) located on the lower levels of buildings and common trade is done amongst the shops and carts interspersing them. The city has a night curfew for carts, causing all after-dark shopping to be relegated to "sarrand" (paddocks outside the walls).[2]


Iliphanar was destroyed by the Tuigan Horde[as of when?] before being subsequently rebuilt.[2]


  • Lavhelhar's: An expensive inn at the heart of the city.
  • Horl's Horn: A tolerant and friendly inn found inside the Olephzgar gate.



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