Iljack of the Black Blade was a highwayman of the village of Bambryn in the Vast after the 7th century DR.[1]


During the early Time of Glorious Fools, after humans first settled the central Vast in the mid–7th century DR, Iljack of the Black Blade arose to plague the area. He robbed itinerant merchants and dwarven metal-dealers, and many sought to trap, ambush, and kill him. But Iljack always escaped, barely avoiding death many times. In retaliation, he would hunt down and assassinate those responsible, no matter how far he had to travel.

Finally, Iljack pursued a merchant to Procampur, seeking revenge, but the merchant was to marry a sorceress. Iljack caught his quarry in their bridal bed, but she rose and hurled him out of the window of her tower amid a barrage of fireballs. Little more than ashes and a burning sword fell into the water below.[1]


Iljack was a daring and vengeful bandit.[1]


Iljack wielded a dull black broadsword, from which he gained the moniker "of the Black Blade". It had magical powers that somehow allowed Iljack to escape many traps and ambushes.

He was widely thought to have hidden his loot somewhere in Bambryn, but it was never located. Once, a tree fell over in a storm, revealed a stone marked with a black sword buried beneath. However, there was no treasure underneath, just another stone carrying the message "Moved it all. See me for your share." and another black sword symbol.[1]



  • Coincidentally, a black sword, a fiery death, and a similar name also figure in the tale of Feljack, also in the Vast and detailed in The City of Ravens Bluff.


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