Lord Illitran Starym was Lord Speaker of the Starym clan. He infamously forged a pact with Moander in order to fool his Moonblade and retain power over the house.

In 523 DR, a branch of moon elven ex-patriate members of the Starym Clan returned to Myth Drannor to reclaim the house and return it to glory. The return drew the line of succession into question, as the heir at the time, Josidiah Starym, was away on a mission to find the lost Warblade since 500 DR. The Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl demanded that the current Lord Speaker, Illitran, draw his family's Moonblade to prove his worthiness and preserve Josidiah's heir status.[1]

Determined to draw the blade successfully, Illitran set out on a three-month trek through the woods intended to purify his soul and clense his spirit. Unknown to all, he actually visited the ruins of Moander's temple in the northern forest, where he forged a pact with the imprisoned god, gaining the ability to cancel the powers of the sword that would deem him unworthy of Lordship.[1] Instead, the sword would only deliver an electric jolt to someone not of pure elven lineage, but would accept any pure-blooded elf regardless of character.[2] Upon his return, he easily drew the blade, and proved to Myth Drannor his family's loyalty.

While Josidiah was away, Illitran named his first son, Venali Starym the heir of the house Lordship.[3]


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