Ilneval (pronounced ill-nev-all [2]) is a lesser deity of the Orc pantheon. A cunning war leader inspiring great loyalty in his followers, he is very diligent in planning his strategies for victory. He is considered the patron of orc crossbreeds, such as orogs and tanarukks.[citation needed]

The Church of Ilneval occupies a prominent position in Orc tribal life, second only to the church of Gruumsh, and they work in concert to oppress other faiths in order to ensure that position remains unchallenged. Many members of the clergy are officers in tribal armies, answering only to their chieftain. Although the church of Gruumsh is responsible for issuing the call to summon the horde, it falls to the temple of Ilneval to marshal the fractious tribes into a horde united against a common foe.

Clerics and adepts of Ilneval pray for their spells at dusk in preparations for the nights battles. The church of Ilneval observes few holy days, other than token of obeisance to those honoring Gruumsh in a calculated display of loyalty to the One-Eyed God, for Ilneval is not interested in remembering past victories but plotting new ones to come. The most sacred celebration of the year is held annually at Greengrass, when Ilneval's Clerics assemble hordes of Orc warriors to swoop down on civilized lands in an Orgy of destruction and violence.  Many clerics multiclass as fighters. Only Adepts of the most primitive tribe’s multi-class as barbarians. 


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Strength is as much a function of the mind as one’s body. Train hard and think craftily in preparations for war, for all life is an endless battle. Unite your tribe into a raging storm, for there is great strength in numbers if all can work in concert. Once the time for combat in nigh, however, charge into the fray undaunted and let the blood fly where it may. Only through personal courage do you prove yourself fit for the mantle of leadership.

[citation needed]


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