Ilrune Symbaern was the baelnorn lich of Symbaern in Myth Drannor in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Ilrune was an elf wizard who chose to become the baelnorn of his family.

Around 1310 DR, the evil Shadow Shields adventuring company entered his family's crypt and he fought them. However, in the battle, the entrance to the crypt collapsed, killing most of the adventurers. Ilrune gained from their bodies the fabled Crown of Stars. However, some of the adventurers rose as wights and fought Ilrune again and again trying to recover the Crown.

In 1370 DR, he was trying to somehow defeat the wights for good.[1]


Ilrune wandered his family's crypt protecting the tombs of his ancestors and descendants.[1]


Even in undeath, Ilrune remained elegant, polite, and deadly. He enjoyed battle but always introduced himself politely to intruders. He agreed to give adventurers who'd arrived in peace some of his treasures in exchange for permanently destroying the Shadow Shields and even to give the Crown to a good-oriented wizard.[1]



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