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Ilthond was a Zhentarim wizard who was one of the leaders of the Zhent occupation army in Daggerdale in 1369 DR.


Ilthond was a wizard in the Zhentarim and an apprentice and loyal follower of Manshoon. In 1357 DR, he was briefly involved in the hunt for Shandril Shessair, helping his wounded master after a fight with Shandril. He also tried to capture Shandril but only barely managed to save himself from her spellfire.[1]

In later years, he was relocated to Dagger Falls as one of the senior wizard assigned to the Zhent occupation army in Daggerdale. In 1369 DR, Ilthond was involved in the kidnapping of Daggerdale's rightful heir and freedom fighter leader Randal Morn. Ilthond had a skirmish with the adventurers recruited to free Randal and with the powerful arch-shadow Gothyl.[2]

During the final battle for the liberation of the Dale, Ilthond was attacked and consumed by Gothyl.[3]




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