Ilvani is the witch of Ikemmu in the Shadowfell and is the twin sister of Natan, the former high priest of Ikemmu. In 1479 DR, Ilvani was sent on an expedition to scout an area of the Shadowfell north of Ikemmu. Her party was captured by a Shadar-kai enclave and most of the members were tortured to death. Ilvani survived her imprisonment and was rescued by a group lead by the Ikemmu warrior Vedoran.[1]

A young Shadar-kai in the rescue party named Ashok was falsely accused of conspiring against Ikemmu by Vedoran. Ilvani destroyed a crucial piece of evidence against Ashok although Ashok was still imprisoned.[1]

In 1480 DR, Ilvani began having disturbing visions. In some of the visions, the ghost of a Rashemi witch appeared to her. The visions continued to worsen and whenever Ilvani was near shadow creatures they would go berserk.[2]

Along with Ashok, Cree and Skagi, Ilvani travelled with a caravan led by Tatigan Carrlock to Rashemen to seek the source of the visions. The visions were caused by the spirit of a witch named Yaraella who had been murdered by Sree,a Wychlaren. Ilvani confronted Sree and put Yaraella's spirit to rest which ended the hauntings. She agreed to remain in Rashemen for a while to help train Yaraella's daughter.[2]

Mental StateEdit

Ilvani is nearly insane although she has occasional moments of lucidity. Her imprisonment and torture appear to have worsened her mental condition.[1] After Yaraella's spirit was put to rest her mental condition improved remarkably.[2]


Ilvani has pale red hair and is very thin.[1]


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