Ilyana Wyrmmruff was an innkeeper in Skullport.[2]


Ilyana was the driving force behind the success of the inn: her organizational skills kept the building running efficiently. She was scared of spiders. Ilyana liked her current life but had a yearning for her adventuring days. She knew that her life was passing and waited for the day that the Trollsinge Vanguard would again be full, in the afterlife.[2]


Ilyana worked alongside her former adventuring companion Eulagad.[2]


Around 1370 DR, Ilyana managed the Burning Troll inn with Eulagad.[2]


Ilyana was once one of the most talented cat-burglars in Waterdeep. She joined the Trollsinge Vanguard party and they survived many adventures. Like Eulagad, Ilyana retired after the death of her friends and for a long time they managed an inn in Skullport.[2]



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