Ilyrana was one of the princesses of Evermeet in 1367 DR.[1]


Ilyrana dedicated her life to Angharradh and was uninterested in the throne. She lived among the woods of Evermeet, taking care of the temple of her goddess. Known across the island for her wisdom and closeness to the Seldarine, elves in bereavement or those who were troubled and uncertain often decided to consult her.[1]


During Nimesin's War in 1371 DR, Ilyrana and her fellow clerics fought the Ityak-Ortheel. In order to stop it, Ilyrana sent her soul and the monster to Arvandor.[2]


Ilyrana was a somewhat distant individual, totally devoted to her faith. She had a divine aura around her and was a kind and wise woman.[1]


Ilyrana was the eldest of the thirteen children of Amlaruil Moonflower and Zaor Moonflower and the second in succession if something happened to the heir Amnestria.[1]


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