The Imaskari languages were a small family of languages that shared a history in the ancient empire of Imaskar.

Language GroupsEdit

According to scholars, the following languages and language groups belonged to the Imaskari language family:



The classification of Imaskari languages were based on the real-life Altaic languages, such as Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Mongol.



Language Families of the Forgotten Realms
Linguistic Groupings of Languages Spoken in Faerûn and other lands of Toril
Human Languages
Faerûn: Faerûnian languagesImaskari languagesRauric languagesChultan languages
Kara-Tur: Amaese languagesHan languagesShou Chiang languages
KuongLaothanLidahanPurangTabotanTrade Tongue
Maztica: AzuposiNexalanPayit
Zakhara: Midani
Nonhuman Languages
Racial: Dethek (Dwarvish)Espruar (Elvish)Gnim (Gnomish)LuiricFaerie (Sylvan)KentaurJotunJogishkDaraktan (Orcish)Ghukliak (Goblin)SphinxYipyak (Kobold)
Planar: AquanAuran (Old Alzhedo)IgnanTerranCelestialInfernal

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