The Imaskari languages were a small family of languages that shared a history in the ancient empire of Imaskar.

Language GroupsEdit

According to scholars, the following languages and language groups belonged to the Imaskari language family:



The classification of Imaskari languages was based on the proposed but now discredited Altaic languages, such as Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Mongol.



Language Families of the Forgotten Realms
Linguistic Groupings of Languages Spoken in Faerûn and other lands of Toril
Human Languages
Faerûn: Faerûnian languagesImaskari languagesRauric languagesChultan languages
Kara-Tur: Amaese languagesHan languagesShou Chiang languages
KuongLaothanLidahanPurangTabotanTrade Tongue
Maztica: AzuposiNexalanPayit
Zakhara: Midani
Nonhuman Languages
Racial: Dethek (Dwarvish)Espruar (Elvish)Gnim (Gnomish)LuiricFaerie (Sylvan)KentaurJotunJogishkDaraktan (Orcish)Ghukliak (Goblin)SphinxYipyak (Kobold)
Planar: AquanAuran (Old Alzhedo)IgnanJanntiTerranCelestialInfernal

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